Royal Charm

Royal Charm is a slot game from Pariplay that features an extremely high level of volatility in addition to its long-term average RTP of 85.0%. 

royal charm

Royal Charm is a scratchcard-based game with an easy-to-understand gameplay mechanism. This game is played on a 3×3 grid, and the Royal Charm that gives the game its name is required to access the extra feature. Traditional online slot symbols, such as the fortunate 7, dice, horseshoe, and cherries, must be matched, along with more unique elements, such as a lucky Chinese coin and a jewelled hand.

The long-term average RTP of Royal Charm is 85.00%, which is a highly significant amount lower than the typical return for online slots. The RTP of online slot game is often much higher, hovering at around the 96% level. Because of its tremendous volatility, the game allows players to earn significant amounts on each spin. Remember that victories of this magnitude are by no means assured; in fact, they do not occur very frequently at all.

Royal Charm Games

This game has been designed to resemble a lottery scratchcard, and in that regard, it has been successful. Royal Charm is a digital version of portable scratchcards that has been available for several years. The game instructions can be found on the left side of the screen, and the win amounts can be seen on the right.

The symbols are drawn quite well, contributing to the game’s appealing visual style and high-quality atmosphere. When a win is obtained, especially one produced with the royal charm symbol, the animations are expertly constructed to make it appear noteworthy.

Bonus Features

Before you play a scratchcard, you will be prompted to position your charm in one of the nine cells that make up the grid. If you land the Royal Charm on a symbol that contributes to a win, you can increase the size of that win by a factor of two. After the gameboard has been shown to you, you will be offered the opportunity to select one of three possible chests. These chests each contain a win multiplier that will be added to the total amount won for that particular board.

The treasure chests allow you to increase the value of your prizes by 1.2, 1.5, or 2 times, respectively. Because of this, the maximum prize that may be obtained with Royal Charm is an astounding 20,000 times the amount that was wagered.

How To Play

Before you place a wager on the game, you must consult the paytable, which is always located to the right of the reels and lists all of the possible winning combinations. 

The bet display may be found directly beneath the panel column in the centre. You can make adjustments to this by clicking the – and + buttons. The appropriate buttons become inactive and greyed out when they reach the lowest and maximum levels, indicating they cannot be pressed further. 

To get started, select the option to play by clicking the corresponding button on the lower right of the reels. You are required to position the Royal Charm in one of the game board’s nine cells at the beginning of each new round. When the charm is placed on a cell that is part of a winning combination, the bonus game is activated, and you are allowed to double the amount you have won.

After you have put your charm, you can either click on each cell to “scratch” away the coating or click the “Reveal All” option to see all 9 squares simultaneously. You can press the Auto button, which will allow up to 500 games to be automatically played if you choose to spin more than once. When playing in autobet mode, the positioning of the royal charm and the selection of chests are handled automatically. 

Please remember to play Royal Charm responsibly by establishing a reasonable budget for each gameplay session. It would be best if you never gambled with money you cannot afford to lose and avoid the temptation to chase your losses. When things cease being fun, you should stop.

Royal Charm Review Summary

The action is straightforward, and the scratchcards have a distinctive and interesting design. This is a very attractive video game. The long-term average RTP is significantly lower than the average, but players will have to evaluate this against the highest available reward of 10,000 times the entire wager, which might be doubled if it coincides with the Royal Charm. Players will have to decide whether or not this top prize is worth it to them.