Pharaoh’s Temple

Enjoy a captivating expedition into ancient Egypt with Pharaoh’s Temple, an extraordinary video slot game meticulously crafted by Felix Gaming. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a magnificent temple adorned with hieroglyphs and shimmering gold. As the allure of hidden treasures beckons, join us in an in-depth review of Pharaoh’s Temple, exploring its captivating environment, customizable wagering, and enticing bonus features.

pharaoh's temple

Aesthetically Pleasing Environment

Pharaoh’s Temple transports players into a visually stunning environment—a temple dedicated to the eternal glory of the pharaoh and his queen. Majestic columns adorned with colourful hieroglyphs dominate the background, visible through the transparent reels. The entire setting exudes opulence, with gold accents enriching every aspect of Pharaoh’s Temple.

While the Egyptian theme isn’t groundbreaking, Felix Gaming elevates it with meticulous attention to detail. Pharaoh’s Temple captivates players with its coherence, offering a beautiful game harmonizing with the overarching theme. The visual spectacle unfolds as players navigate the temple’s intricacies, setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience.

Reel Configuration and Betting Range

Pharaoh’s Temple boasts a configuration of 5 reels and 20 paylines, providing a platform for exploration with a betting range from 0.20 to 10 credits per spin. While the max bet and autoplay options enhance convenience, the limited room for high-risk endeavours poses a challenge. On a positive note, the command bar facilitates precise wager adjustments, allowing players to fine-tune credit values.

Optimizing Gameplay

Engaging fully with Pharaoh’s Temple often involves a willingness to play with higher stakes. The basic paytable features card icons, exquisite Egyptian artifacts, and a captivating portrait of the queen. The queen’s portrait, offering up to 375 credits, unfolds its full potential only when players commit to the max bet. This aspect may seem underwhelming, prompting a desire for more substantial rewards.

pharaoh's temple gameplay
pharaoh's temple paytable

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

Pharaoh’s Wild Presence:

The pharaoh emerges as a pivotal element in Pharaoh’s Temple, serving as a wild card to substitute basic symbols. The pharaoh’s significance amplifies when he expands across an entire reel, enhancing winning possibilities. Pharaoh combinations unlock a maximum prize of 500 extra credits, adding an exciting layer to the gameplay.

Scarab Amulets and Bonus Round:

The quest for treasures intensifies with the discovery of scarab amulets scattered across the reels. Locating three scarab amulets initiates the Pharaoh’s Temple bonus round, immersing players in a captivating journey through the funeral chamber. Here, players select an item, unveiling surprise cash prizes and the potential to win up to 3000 credits.


In conclusion, Pharaoh’s Temple offers a captivating odyssey through the riches of ancient Egypt. The aesthetic grandeur, customizable wagering, and intriguing bonus features contribute to an engaging slot experience. While the game’s visual allure is commendable, the potential for more substantial rewards and innovative gameplay features could further elevate Pharaoh’s Temple in the competitive realm of slot gaming. Explore a quest for Egyptian treasures, navigate the temple’s splendours, and unlock the secrets concealed within Pharaoh’s Temple.