Olympus Strikes

Olympus Strikes by AGS is a game that takes the player on a thrilling and high-risk journey into the world of Greek mythology. This 5x3 layout provides free spins, jackpots, and the opportunity to select some parts of the extra features. It also offers a fantastic return to player percentage of 95.85% and an impressive 243 ways to win, which may grow during free spins rounds. It all adds up to a slot game that has an excellent appearance. 

olympus strikes

Thunderous victories are guaranteed because of the potent mix of 243 ways to win and PowerXStream pay assessment, but the special features have the potential to send you down from Mount Olympus with the most cash in your pocket.

During the free spins rounds, you can move from a 5×3 grid to a 5×4 grid or even a 5×5 grid, which clearly implies more chances to win. The Bonus symbol, shown as a blazing torch, starts the free spins bonus round-off. The Wild symbol is a lightning bolt, and it has the ability to provide free games. There are 11 different paying symbols, including four card symbols and seven icons related to a particular topic.

Olympus Strikes game Features

You may feel a flutter in your chest as the thundering sound effects reverberate as lightning bolts strike the reels, but you’ll be relieved when they materialize. A bolt of lightning represents the wild sign and may act as a replacement for any of the conventional symbols. The Olympus Strikes online slot game features a unique symbol found only on the second, third, and fourth reels. However, you must only land one wild symbol to be considered lucky.

When you play the Olympus Strikes slot machine online, a single wild symbol has the potential to activate the Jackpot Pick Bonus. After that, you will be given a total of twelve gold coins. You select one coin at a time until you have matched three symbols that award the jackpot. Keep your fingers crossed that you win the Grand Jackpot.

The Olympus Strikes slot machine offers a Free Spins Bonus with three different options. The configuration of the reels is unique to each option, with fewer free spins increasing the number of symbol rows. The choice in the centre, which adds another row of symbols and provides ten free games, has proven profitable for our specialists on occasion.

Bonus Features

Jackpot Pick Bonus

The wild sign, represented by a bolt of lightning, has several functions, just like the scatter. Not only does it perform the part of a replacement, but it also has the potential to trigger the Jackpot Pick Bonus by flashing over the screen. You have 12 coins to choose from, and your goal is to locate three identical. You will win one of the jackpots: the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot.

Free Spins Bonus

The blazing torch will not only provide you credits, but it also has the potential to activate the free spins feature, which may also be reactivated while you are playing the free spins round. You will be presented with an option between three distinct layouts. You may select to play a greater number of rounds on fewer reels, or you can select to play a lesser number of rounds on a bigger number of reels (which will, therefore, offer more opportunities to win). You can play five, ten, or fifteen spins on either five, four, or three rows.

How to Play

The interface in Olympus Strikes has a different layout, so it may take a few seconds to get used to it when you first launch the game. Thankfully, though, the actual gameplay is pretty easy.

You may choose the size of your wager by consulting the number row that is located on the bottom left of the screen. A button in the centre of the screen allows you to move directly to the Max Bet. This button is located immediately to the right of the Spin button. You may also adjust the amount you wager overall by using the plus and minus buttons located to the right of the word “DENOM” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You will find a little volume symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You may utilize this symbol to mute the sound if you want. The button labelled “Help” can be found in the bottom-most left corner of the screen. Clicking this button will bring up further information about the game, such as the rules and the paytable. The displays for the overall jackpot amounts, your current balance, total bet, bet, current win, and credits are all on the screen’s left side.

Olympus Strikes Review Summary

Playing the Olympus Strikes slot machine will make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine if you enjoy playing games with captivating graphics, sky-high volatility, and a variety of strong features. When you pay Zeus a visit on Mount Olympus, let’s cross our fingers and hope that he’s in the mood to hand out the biggest payout possible.