Northern Sky

Quickspin, a Swedish slot manufacturer, has released a brand-new and captivating slot machine game called the Northern Sky video slot. Much like the rest of Quickspin's slot collection, this online slot game demonstrates the studio's skill for generating beautiful goods in all their splendour, as does the rest of Quickspin's slot collection. Northern Sky is much more than just a 5-reel slot machine; it is a tribute to the development that slot machine manufacturers have accomplished in graphic design over the past many years.

northern sky

The phenomenon known as the “northern lights,” which may be observed in a variety of breathtaking locations across the world, served as the inspiration for Northern Sky. The game’s reels are not visible and are set against a background resembling snowy mountains and woodland at night. The colour scheme is pink and purple. You will notice beautifully crafted geometrical symbols of crystals and animals throughout the game. These symbols come in various basic colours that go wonderfully with the background. However, you will get a glimpse of the breathtaking aurora borealis or any of the game’s additional awards once you reach the round when you win free spins.

Northern Sky Game Features

This slot game may provide you with a stimulating playing experience overall, and it’s not only because of the gorgeous graphics you’ll see when you play it. Northern Sky is more than just a pretty face; it is also a slot game equipped with nine pay lines that are always active, symbols that payout, and a feature that awards free spins whenever a player hits a winning combination.

Respin Feature

The slot game also features a built-in respin feature, which is engaged anytime you win anything, to assist you in triggering further rewards and increase your chances of doing so. The respin feature in Northern Sky is quite similar to a tumbling reel feature, except instead of replacing winning symbols, it replaces symbols eliminated from the game. During this round of respinning, the winning symbols that initially activated the bonus round will remain immobile in their current locations.

Regardless of whether or not the respin results in any more winning combinations, you will still get the same payment that was awarded to you when the feature was activated for the second time. Each subsequent spin will lock any new winning symbols in their respective locations, and the results can continue in this manner until no further winning combinations can be produced.

Free Spins

When three Bonus Scatter symbols are gathered in a single gaming round, the player is awarded ten free spins as their reward.The BONUS meter will display the total amount of Bonus Scatter symbols that have been accumulated. During the free spins round, only the high-paying icons of various animals can be used.

How to Play

You will first need to choose the magnitude of your wager before you can embark on your tour to view the northern lights. There is just one control in this slot machine, which regulates how much of your total bet you will place. 0.10 credits is the minimum amount of money that may be wagered within the game context. However, if you are prepared to spend more money and claim bigger gains, you also have the option to pick from a range of higher bet levels, with the largest being 100 credits every round.

Because there are no unique guidelines to adhere to when playing this slot machine, the game is an excellent choice for players with little to no prior experience. To win a reward, you must line up three, four, or five identical symbols along one of the nine pay lines. The winning combinations may only be considered legitimate if they begin on the reel at the leftmost position and continue to the right. All the payments in the pay table have already been computed, allowing you to know precisely how much money you may anticipate receiving from a specific symbol by looking at the table.

Only seven symbols are included in the pay table, and they are separated into two categories: high-paying and low-paying. The stag is the most valuable of all symbols since it can double your bet by two when you collect three of the symbols and multiply your bet by as much as forty when you collect five of the symbols. Other high-paying symbols in the slot machine are the bear, the wolf, and the owl. These symbols each provide payouts ranging from 0.5 to 1 times your stake for three matching symbols and 4 to 10 times your stake for collecting a combination of 5 identical symbols. The three gem symbols, which can be any one of the colours red, green, or blue, make up the lowest-paying symbols. If you collect three of the same bottom symbols, you will receive a payout equal to 0.2 times your stake. However, should you collect five of the same symbols, you will receive a prize that ranges from 1-2 times your investment.

Northern Sky Review Summary

The great design of the Northern Sky slot machine is mostly responsible for its ability to capture your interest and make you play it. However, even if you remove its visuals, you are still left with a reliable medium-to-high volatility slot game that has a reasonable RTP of 96.57% and a theoretical payoff that is equal to 360 times your original wager. Because there are no wild symbols in the slot game, the only way to increase your payoff is to either wait for the bonus round when you get free spins or hope that you have a string of wins in a row. It is up to you to determine if anything like this piques your interest or not.