Play Nerves of Steal – Free Play and Game Info

The goal of the Nerves of Steal game is to uncover 10 casino chips concealed behind the grid of fifty presented tiles. It may appear relatively easy, but there is a lot to consider when the victories roll in: will you remain with the same strategy or switch things up? With a return to player percentage of 92%, you can win a jackpot worth 100,000 times your initial wager.

nerves of steal

Nerves of Steal Game Features

The Nerves of Steal slot game is not like other slot machines with reels, pay lines, and the standard bonus game elements often found in slot games. On the other hand, this free Nerves of Steel game consists of a grid of fifty tiles, and the objective is to locate 10 casino chips hidden beneath them. It may appear relatively easy, but there is much to consider when the victories roll in: will you continue with the original plan or make a change? With a return to player percentage of 92%, there is a prize of 100,000 times the amount of each wager.

Regarding the design elements, the Nerves of Steal slot game will likely cause many people to look in its direction. This is because it only displays a 5×10 game grid, each of which has a simple tile icon that portrays the initials ‘NS’. Spinners will only find a bit of aesthetic delight in this game, even though the gold and red colour scheme adds a dash of glitz to it. Other than that, however, the game has little to offer in visual appeal.

How to Play Nerves of Steal

This gambling game may be lacking in elegance, but it makes up for the amount of money that can be won. This is because the game offers the possibility of transforming your wagers into a prize worth 100,000 times their original value. But then again, this isn’t an average slot machine it isn’t even a slot game! We can only think of a few slot machines in general that provide payouts on that level, but this isn’t a slot at all!

This game has a reasonably straightforward purpose for players to pursue. To begin, choose a wager between one and ten coins, starting at one dollar and going up to ten dollars. Once you have decided what kind of wager you want to make, you may begin by choosing any of the fifty tiles that make up the grid in the hopes of uncovering one of the casino chips buried beneath it. You have up to four chances left until the end of the game, so don’t worry if you don’t locate anything on your first try. The game only lasts for so long. In addition, if you discover a chip, you will be given an additional four chances to find the next one.

There is no set value associated with discovering a casino chip in the same way set-line bet multipliers are included in traditional video slots’ paytables. Instead, the amount of money that the player will win is determined by the game itself based on several different criteria, including the value of the bet, the number of unopened boxes, the number of casino chip symbols that are still available, and the number of lives that are still available until the game is ended. In addition, a fixed value of 0.92149 is factored into the calculation so that the casino has a better chance of winning. The game’s paytable provides an example of how this computation should be carried out so that players may better understand the process.

Nerves of Steal Review Summary

Although it provides players with something different, this game is not even close to being the most fantastic option for spinners interested in exploring new gambling possibilities. After a few rounds of play, the game becomes monotonous, and unless you want to go into the nitty-gritty of the strategy, you will become a little bit weary of playing it. However, you can also play Nerves of Steal for free to see whether you enjoy the game before you start risking real money on it. This allows you to test the waters before you commit. And if you prefer to play for fun without spending money, Black Spins provides the most extensive collection of free slot games you can discover anywhere online.