Capsule Treasure Thor’s Strike

Embark on a thrilling odyssey through the legendary landscapes of Norse mythology with Capsule Treasure Thor's Strike, a captivating video slot presented by Samurai Studio as part of the SwinttStudios series. Immerse yourself in a realm where gods, legends, and the mystical Capsule Treasures collide to bring you an unparalleled gaming experience.

Capsule Treasure Thors Strike

Dive into the Mythical World

In Capsule Treasure Thor’s Strike, the reels come alive with symbols representing the iconic elements of Norse folklore. Feel the thunderous power of Thor’s Hammer and encounter the mysterious Loki’s Snake as you navigate through the immersive world of Norse mythology.

Cascading Feature Takes Center Stage

Hold on tight as the Cascading Feature steals the spotlight. With every triumphant combination, the involved symbols vanish, creating space for new symbols to cascade from above. Brace yourself for an exhilarating gameplay experience as the reels transform with each cascade.

The Pinnacle: Capsule Treasure Feature

The true highlight is the Capsule Treasure feature. Your mission to unlock its secrets begins by collecting three or more Capsule Treasure symbols. In this enthralling bonus round, discover six distinct types of Capsule Toys, each concealing a unique multiplier value. Land a single capsule, and watch as your bet skyrockets by an astonishing x1000!

Capsule Toy Ranks

  • Red Capsule Toy: Prizes between x2 and x9 the Total Bet.
  • Grey Capsule Toy: Prizes between x10 and x45 the Total Bet.
  • Gold Capsule Toy: Prizes between x50 and x90 the Total Bet.
  • Diamond Capsule Toy: Prizes between x100 and x1000 the Total Bet.
  • Green Capsule Toy: Earn 3, 5, 7, or 10 Capsule Treasure retriggers.
  • Multicoloured Capsule Toy: Increase your Rank by 1, up to a maximum of 4.

Mathematics Behind the Magic

From a mathematical perspective, Capsule Treasure Thor’s Strike boasts a medium volatility slot with an impressive 5,291x max win. Enjoy the thrill for bet levels ranging from 0.20 to 20 per spin. The slot introduces RTP ranges, with available values of 87.06%, 94.08%, and 96.07%.

Unearth Thor’s Strike and Cascading Wonders

Thor’s Strike Feature

Experience the Thor’s Strike Feature triggered by a Mjolnir Symbol landing on the reel. Witness as low-value symbols vanish, allowing higher-value symbols to descend and fill the empty spaces.

Cascading Feature Returns

The Cascading Feature reemerges with every winning combination. Watch as winning symbols vanish, creating a cascade of new symbols from the top to occupy the vacated spaces. If additional winning combinations follow, the cascade continues.

Opt for the Adventure: Buy Feature Option

Consider the Buy Feature option, allowing you to purchase a feature trigger for 100x your bet. It’s worth noting that this triggers the Thor’s Strike feature, not the Capsule Treasure feature.

Embark on your Norse adventure in Capsule Treasure Thor’s Strike, where the mythical meets the extraordinary, and every spin brings you closer to the legendary Capsule Treasures!