Buffalo Trail Ultra

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as we introduce Buffalo Trail Ultra, the latest addition to the Buffalo slot family. With its five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed paylines, this wild calf is set to redefine your slot game experience. Unravel the magic of the renowned Cash Mesh feature from its predecessors, where Coin symbols hold their ground, paving the way for a captivating adventure.

Buffalo Trail Ultra

Cash Mesh Feature: A Stampede of Wins

Buffalo Trail Ultra brings back the thrilling Cash Mesh feature, transforming each spin into a potential bonanza. The Cash Mesh feature is triggered when 5 or more COIN symbols land. Each COIN symbol, with its predefined value or Jackpot/Bonus label, holds its position while other positions spin independently. The Cash Mesh spins continue until all positions are filled or bonus spins are exhausted. Keep your eyes peeled for the Cash Mesh Bonus Spin, randomly awarding up to three spins when positions remain unfilled.

Exploring Extra Bonus Excitement

Once the Cash Mesh spins conclude and positions remain vacant, the Cash Mesh Bonus Spin steps in. This bonus, awarded once per feature, delivers an extra layer of thrill with a random allocation of 1, 2, or 3 bonus spins. It’s a last-chance opportunity to amplify your wins!

Full House Multiplier: Unleashing Beastly Wins

Achieve the formidable feat of landing 15 COIN symbols during Cash Mesh, and you’ll awaken the Full House 2x multiplier. This fearsome beast doubles the total value of your Coins, adding an extra layer of intensity to your gameplay. The Full House multiplier exclusively applies to reel winnings, excluding Jackpot/Bonus wins.

Chasing Jackpots: A Quest for Mammoth Wins

Buffalo Trail Ultra offers a four-field Jackpot landscape for players to graze on: Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini. The Mini Bonus ensures a fixed win value at 10x the bet stake, while Minor elevates it to 20x. The Major and Grand Jackpots progress with each spin, growing into mammoth wins. Every player contributes to the growth of Major and Grand Jackpots, fostering a sense of community excitement.

The Call of the Wild: Symbols and Spins

Look out for the majestic WILD symbols gracing the middle three reels. These symbols, exclusive to these reels, serve as versatile substitutes for all symbols except the COIN symbol. Each reel can host only one WILD symbol, adding an extra layer of anticipation to your spins.

Buffalo Trail Ultra: A Stampede into the Future

If the original slot was a gallop and the Lite version a march, Buffalo Trail Ultra is a wild romp through the slot game canyons. With the same BF Games allure, a cast of familiar creatures, and new features, BF Games intensifies the thrill. Get ready for a wild adventure that surpasses its predecessors in intensity and excitement.