Ace Race

Embrace the thrill of the cards with Ace Race, a dynamic addition to our extensive catalogue of card games! Crafted by Jade Rabbit Studios, this game brings classic rules, quality design, and a betting range from 0.20 to 50, offering players a chance to win an enticing top prize of 500 times their bet. Let's dive into the details of this engaging card game that seamlessly blends skill and luck.

Ace Race

Ace Race: A Mobile and PC-Friendly Adventure

Experience the excitement of Ace Race, an online rendition of the popular bar game where four Aces race to the finish line. The game’s versatility shines as it seamlessly transitions between mobile and PC platforms, ensuring you can enjoy the thrill wherever you are.

Classic Rules with a Twist

In Ace Race, the objective is simple yet captivating. Four Aces, each representing a suit, race against each other, with every suit revealed from the deck propelling the corresponding Ace one step forward. The classic rules of the game provide a familiar backdrop, making it accessible for both seasoned card enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Diverse Betting Options

Ace Race boasts an array of betting options, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay. Here are the seven bets that can shape your winning destiny:

  1. Red / Black (2:1): Predict the colour of the winning Ace.
  2. Straight Win (4:1): Bet on the Ace that crosses the finish line first.
  3. Win by 2 Paces (7:1): Anticipate an Ace winning with a two-step lead.
  4. Win + 3-Pace Step (11:1): Bet on a victory with a three-step lead.
  5. Punished Win (24:1): Place your bet on an Ace that overcomes a penalty and wins.
  6. Non-Stepper (56:1): Predict an Ace that won’t move.
  7. Any Perfect Win (500:1): Aim for the grand prize by predicting any Ace’s flawless victory.

Seamless Gameplay for Maximum Enjoyment

Whether you’re a seasoned card shark or a casual player, Ace Race ensures a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The intuitive design and fluid mechanics make every round engaging, keeping you on the edge of your seat as the Aces dash towards victory.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Card Game Excitement

In the vast landscape of card games, Ace Race stands out as a thrilling and accessible option. With classic rules, diverse betting opportunities, and the chance to secure a substantial-top prize, this game offers a perfect blend of entertainment and potential winnings. Whether playing for fun or aiming for that 500:1 perfect win, Ace Race welcomes you to a world where the cards decide your fate. Good luck, and may the Aces be in your favor!